Our fight for women is not limited to education, equality and basic rights. Health and science have always been at the heart of our concerns. That's why, for the month of October, we are committed to fighting breast cancer, helping fund research and raising awareness among women. 

10%* of sales will be donated

During October, we want to use our platform to empower and educate women about their health and wellbeing, especially about Breast Cancer. You’ll be able to find different information and infographics about this disease on our social media account @irenskin. We hope to encourage women to be more in touch with their body, as much as they do for their faces, keeping in mind that we all can play a part in early detection and prevention of breast cancer. 

10% of our sales during October will be donated, to fight against breast cancer, through research and by rising awareness!

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Female breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer

It represents 1 in 4 annual cancer cases worldwide and is the leading cause of cancer death in women worldwide accounting for 1 in 6 cancer deaths.

So prevent it, you can practice self palpation at home like so:

1. In front of a mirror, inspect and verify that there is nothing abnormal: redness, cracks, changes in size or color, discharge from the nipple.

2. Use your 3 middle fingers starting with the outer part and look for any abnormal lumps or hardness.

3. Observe the space between the two boobs and pay special attention to the area between the breast and the armpit, as well as the armpit.

4. Gently pinch the nipple and check that there is no discharge.

In October, 10% of sales before tax will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

You too can help to fight this disease. Learn more on and